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This is the latest EP from Hal Guitarist. Enjoy!

And if you download it today, you get a special bonus track, "Shock and Awe (59 Missiles)." Or you could just listen to it here (that's cool, too): halguitarist.bandcamp.com/track/shock-awe-59-missiles

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released April 20, 2017

Written, produced, recorded, and performed by Hal Guitarist
Special thanks to Patrick Winters, Will Russell, Jon Hilton.



all rights reserved


Hal Guitarist Ithaca, New York

Changing the world, one song at a time.

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Track Name: The Dancer
Oh the dancer leaps in the snow
To songs that I’ll never know
As the music streams in the field
Used by someone to conceal

Buried feelings you can’t depict
What they are, I can’t predict

Aww the singer screams at the terce
With poetry structured in verse
When he sings it, he sings to you
Wond’ring if you’re listening to

His song he wrote just for you
Do you hear or merely eschew?

To his words written all in vain
I hope you never feel his pain!

Ah the friends converse in the crowd
As trumpets sound off aloud
And violins streak while you frown out a smile
And you listen to his words all for a while

Wondering why he wrote it quite that way
Was it something he never got to say?

Hmm the sirens sing in the sea
“Please, please come to me!”
As they sing their duet notes out of tune
The beats and pulses pound out certain doom

They foretell our twisted fate
Shackled up in chains by the gate
Track Name: Throne of Lies
I stand upon this throne of lies
And stare into the eyes of my heart
All I see are blackened souls
Devoid of love and fashioned out of gold

And still I see the fellow here
Stalking blindly, night is near
Finding out that life’s a lie
Why should I even get to try?

I wake upon my insomnia bed
And wait until my feelings turn to dread
Confined inside my sealed head
I cringe to sense myself and comprehend

I wonder what my mind will mend
If space and time were soon to bend
I don’t know what to do with you
Will you love me or will it all accrue?

I hear beyond my reversal frame
Pearlescent claims that never could remain
Stuck beside my mortal rind
Trying fine as if I can divine

And lies they seem to suck my soul
Apart in pieces from the whole
The truth will come, one day it shall
Be free to all, and with it all my rationale

I walk across the step less stair
And wonder aloud if I should even care
I listen to the wingless crow
Asking me as if I’m supposed to know

At one point I was just like you
Young and naïve, maybe a fool
Yet I have changed remained the same
Who am I to know what I should blame?
Track Name: Bowling Green Massacre
I went to see the drummer
Or rather he came to visit me
Travelling some distant
Roads to get to me

And later he had to head home
So I followed him for days
I got caught up in a missed turn
Got lost along the way

And when I came to I realized
It just was six the following day
And then I met my relatives
Who got me on my way

I took a train to Memphis,
Or was it New Orleans?
It took some rambly circuitous route
Through some Bowling Greens

The bridges were bombarded
The tunnels all closed down
The train it was derailed
Bombed from a car rundown

Now I see a woman
Tears crying from her eyes
In shock for her boyfriend
Barely will survive

And me I was in the first car
With my family
We all escaped unscathed
Somewhat miraculously

There’s an angry man now pacing
Up and down the train
He just wants to torture
Those he wants to blame

He just wants to punch them
‘Till they spit blood out of their head
And just leave them there to die
Just an inch from dead

Yes all this never happened,
Ah, ‘twas but a dream
But I can clearly picture
The horror and the screams

And still I see that woman
Crying for her friend
I don’t even know
If he made it out or is dead

Let’s make up a massacre
Let’s fabricate a scene
Whether it’s Sweden or Atlanta
Or maybe just Bowling Green

The suckers don’t know the diffrence’
They’ll totally be fooled
We’ll just make off with money
And they’ll be misruled

We sell it to the papers
A story of the war
With battles in those places
I mentioned here before

Staying up night tired
I went to go to bed
And suddenly this all happened
All inside my bead

I know the trains don’t go there
They take another route
But falling off a cliff
Makes all these points moot

Still I think about them
People in my head
Don’t know if I should trust them
Or just pretend they’re dead

And then there was the drummer
Marching to his grave
World war enactor
And these dreams come true today
Track Name: Delusional Fools
We’re just delusional fools
Living by delusional rules
Wondering why we can’t get
Where we’re going

Living unusual lives
Surrounded by guns and by knives
And we all wonder
Just why there is bloodshed

We’re just delusional fools
Hungry for money and jewels
Yet we can’t eat them
And now we are starving

Famished and skewed from belief
Tarnished and tainted from grief
For lives that we don’t know
We even are mourning

We’re just delusional fools
Learning in lunatic schools
Teaching you all about
Much about nothing

We didn’t learn how to hate
Until they made everything great
Which really is a word
That is so overrated

We’re just delusional fools
Frightened by strangers and ghouls
Ignorant of things we
Just don’t know about of

Nothing that we ever learn
Can undo the pain we have spurned
Upon our world
And all of its people

We're just delusional fools
Living by delusional rules
Wondering why, don't know why
Wondering why, don't know why
Wondering why, don't know why

We’re just delusional fools
Tricked by a prick in a duel
Like a man in a suit
Walking 'round with a sleeping bag

Buying a bone for three score
Then turning and begging for more
Jet-lagged and burning apart
At the seams

We’re just delusional fools
Whining out samples of stools
And wondering why
Nobody will listen

We just ramble and rhyme
Out some false made up lines
Alternative facts
That we just wish were true

We’re just delusional fools
Star-struck and covered in drool
Falling in love
With the child of the sun

It’s some societal ruse
Meant to make us pick and choose
Flustering why we can’t
Conform to the construct

We’re just delusional fools
Convinced into thinking we’re cool
Running about in
Some big commotion

Dismissing all science and fact
As soon as we get to act
So why don’t we all
Just fall in the ocean

We're just delusional fools
Living by delusional rules
Wondering why, don't know why
Wondering why, don't know why
Wondering why, don't know why
Wondering why, don't know why
Wondering why we can't get where we're going