by Hal Guitarist




The sequel to From the Depths of HAL.
Here is HALfire!


released April 29, 2016

All songs written & performed by H.A.L.
Recorded by Brendan Oliveri
Produced by H.A.L. and Brendan Oliveri
Mixed by H.A.L. - EP Art by H.A.L.
Special Thanks to Damiano Malvasio, Dillon Randolph, Marissa K. Booker, Eileen McTiernan, and Patrick Winters
Very Special Thanks to Brianna Kuhn



all rights reserved


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Hal Guitarist New Jersey

Multi-instrmentalist and songwriter.

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Track Name: The Shape of Society
The shape of society
Is not how it should be
We’ve got so many problems
Why can’t you see?

We got racism, intolerance
And hatred all around
Even the bile that you scream
Tends to offend me now

Got ignorant ignoramuses
Spreading all their hate
I’ve got one thing to tell you
This change it cannot wait

We got racism, intolerance,
And hatred all around
It’s time to do something about it
It’s time to change things now

Now all these privileged people
Sayin’ it ain’t me
Causin’ all these problems
That you have to see

We got racism, intolerance,
And hatred all around
If you ain’t doin’ somethin’ about it
You’re the problem now

Now you might be askin’ yourself,
“Where did I go wrong?
I only lived in a society
That’s been biased all along!”

We got racism, intolerance,
And hatred all around
We live in a messed-up country
We’ve got to change somehow

Now you should be askin’ yourself,
“What now can I do?”
It’s time to have a stern talk,
Straight from me to you

We got racism, intolerance,
And hatred all around
It’s time to open up your mind
And face these problems now

The shape of society
Is not how it should be
It’s time to change these problems
It starts with you and me

We got racism, intolerance,
And hatred all around
Every single insensitive thing
We’ve got to end it now
Track Name: Ode to the End of the World
I’ve gone through
The depths of blue alone
The ocean surrounded my home

In the end, there was nothing
I could do
Does the answer still elude you?

The wind flows
My skin blows away
My fiery eyes
know brighter skies decay

Back then, there was something
We could do
Was stagnation the right path to choose?

Don’t close your mind,
Get on your knees and pray
All your money
Can’t ease this pain away

Remember when,
These seas didn’t brew
Death in these waters
Red and blue?

When did people
Let these things
Go to waste?

Our whole world
We once knew
Has been erased!

We’ve gone through
These tragedies alone
Screwed by rich men
Upheaval now we’re thrown

In the end, these things
Will come and pass
As the Earth
Chokes out a final gasp
Track Name: The Long Short Story of HAL
This here’s the story
Of a man named HAL
He was born way out in Cal
I forn –I—A

He moved on down
To New Jersey
It was there he seemed to be
At home, yet so far away

Went to study at K-5 school
Learned about the Beatles
Thought they were cool
To his father’s dismay

Later on in 6-8 school
Got bullied, made fun of
Might have been a fool
And on that subject, that’s all I have to say

Flash forward now
He’s seventeen
Writing songs on the teenage scene
Trying hard not to be obscene

Tried to get with girls
Got rejected thrice
Well whatever, just trying to be nice
But what you don’t want from him will suffice

Spends all his time listening to Bob
Dylan of all people and looking for a job
In some kind of
Business thingamabob

He’s got some friends
And is in some bands
He’s got some really huge big plans
But no one really understands this man

Onward upward
Twenty one
College student having tons of fun
Writing songs angry at everyone

Got a girlfriend now
And she’s quite nice
Spending time together day and night
I sure hope they’re meant for each other right

He’s been active on the protest scene
Aghast against these people so mean
Who are oppressing other people
Through a colorblind smokescreen

Studying accounting
And this and that
Audio production too, plays with cool cats
Might even consider becoming a bureaucrat

No you might wonder
What happens next
You might be sitting there all perplexed
It’s complex, but not what you expect

He’s going to write down some more songs
And hopes that you will grove along
It’s a crackpot dawn,
On the scene he hopes to belong

Also shout-out to his friends
DVOJR, Sunshine, Doug and Ben
Coming up next on the EP
Is a track called, “You are my only Friend”

That’s the story
Thanks for listening, pal
Oh and also, HAL
Track Name: You Are My Only Friend
You are my only friend,
Until the end, and then

You are the only one
To depend upon, for so long

You are so beautiful,
Suitable and tunable

You are the only way
To be okay, today

You are my one true love
Fly like a dove, above